❤ Lust Have It - February 2013 ❤

Hey Lovelies,

It's that time again - Lust Have It Unboxing!!

Discount Code - Yay!!

Unfortunately the products didn't come in the lovely box like last month, they explained on the information card that it couldn't fit this months products but should be back next month.

There was a product missing from my box this month but I've heard that it will come in next months pack as this box was too heavy for Australia Post.

Anyways, this is what I received!!

Summer Tan by Mancine

Full Size Product
RRP $29.95

"As Australia's leading tinted-formula tanning range, Summer Tan tanning lotion is the healthiest & fastest way to develop a natural looking tan without harsh exposure to the sun! Perfect for fair to medium skin tones, reapply every 2-3 days to maintain a beautifully glowing tan"

I know there is some controversy over receiving this product but I was actually happy to see it and have the opportunity to try it out. It's very similar to my Sunlabs Self Tan (which I love) where it has a green base (no orange tan!!!!), no parabens, 3 hour developing time, not tested on animals and a bonus for me - Made in Australia!!

I'm looking forward to trying out this self tan and will let you know what I think of it :o)

Great to see full size product!!

L3 Timeless Lipstick

Full Size Product
RRP $19.95

"This full coverage lipstick is the first non-drying, long-lasting lipstick to offer all-day moisture as well as non-stop hi-shine! L3 Timeless glides on like silk and holds true to the lips for a romantic courtship between long-lasting colour and shine"

Another full size product - yay!!
This is a brand that I haven't heard of before so I'm happy to be able to try it out.
I got mine in the colour Milan which is a peachy pink with a frosted finish.
From swatching the lipstick it has a very creamy formulation.
I'm looking forward to doing some research on this brand.

The Natural Source
Camouflage Colour Nail Lacquers

Full Size Product
RRP $9.99

"Lacquers for the fingers and toes that are as natural and pure as modern technology allows. Derived from sand and horsetail plant, these lacquers provide intense and long-lasting colour to your nails without the use of potentially harmful synthetic colourants. Your nails deserve it!"

And yet again another full size product!! :-D
And again another brand I haven't heard of.
I'm all for products being as natural as possible. I had to do some research on the horsetail plant ingredient haha
The colour I received is Lilac - I really like it and it will be a great addition to my Nail Polish Collection.
Love the simple packaging!!

Lon Vitalite
C9 Crystal Moisturising Hand Mask

One Pair
RRP $4.50

"Often the hands are overlooked in therapy treatments but really they're one of the first giveaways of a person's age! Give your hands some TLC with these simple to use, cloth hydrating gloves. C9 cleanses and detoxifies"

I'm really looking forward to trying out this product. 
I've tried the LonVitalite face mask previously and loved it!!

And the product missing from my pack was the Bioderma Atoderm Cream that I should receive with next month's goodies.

So all in all my pack was worth $64.39!! For $14.95....
That's great and I look forward to using all my products!!

Let me know what you got as well!!

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Have a great day!!