❤ My Makeup Collection ❤

Hi Lovelies,

This has been my most requested video/blog post since I first started my YouTube Channel and Blog.

So here is my Makeup Collection!! :o)

I won't list all the products but if you have any questions or would like any specific product reviews, let me know xx

(Mirror is from Target)

(Letter rack is from Officeworks)

(Containers are from The Warehouse)

(Levelled Lipstick Organizer is from Ebay
and flat Lipstick Organizer is from themakeupboxshop.com)

(Glass candle holders are from The Warehouse
and I coloured the rice myself - for how to click here)

(Makeup Organizer is from themakeupboxshop.com)

(Makeup Organizer is from themakeupboxshop.com)

Hope you have a great day!!



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  1. oh wow this looks like an amazing set up.. I need a big make up organizer my one is a 3 draw one & it's no where near big enough. I also love the Office Works organizer for your palette I'm going to go out & look for one tomorrow it's a fantastic idea :)

  2. wowowwwwwwwwwwwwww....nic collection...................

  3. Oh man Mel - I feel like a hopeless girl! I only just bought my first lip stick the other day and I had no idea what I was doing! Your set-up looks amazing! I just went and had a look - I actually have quite a collection of eye shadows but I suppose I don't use them because they aren't all out on display like that. Definitely love the make-up brush holders! xx

  4. i wish i had a big vanity table like you, i just use the top of my chest of drawers haha! thanks for sharing your collection im so jelly!