Lust Have It - November Pack

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Here is my post on the November Lust Have It pack! Goodness me I'm loving the goodies that are included each month - such a great variety products :o)

RoC Complete Lift New Technology Daily Moisturiser

3 x Samples
RRP $59.00, 50ml

"This moisturising cream is enriched with hydrating agents for comfort lasting all day long. THPE technology, a patented molecule, the result of five years of research, which targets skin firming, is now partnered with Bugrane, offering a New lift and fix technology."

I love this moisturiser!!
I used one of the samples last week as a part of my nightly skin care regime.
You can really feel the plumping and hydrating :o)

Nude By Nature Mineral Lip Liner in Chique

This is a full size sample!
RRP $14.95

"100% natural and no toxic ingredients, the velvety formula glides on smooth and easy to deliver long-wearing, water proof colour."

First off I love the Nude by Nature range - I've been using their mineral cover for about a year now. This lip liner is a great colour - I use it under L'Oreal Fairest Nude.
I'd recommend warming it up on your hand first before applying it to your lips.

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose Fragrance

2 x Samples
RRP $79.00, 30ml

"Lancome tells a new love story, filled with lightness, magic, but also sensuality. Tresor Midnight Rose is a colourful, upbeat and joyful fragrance which embodies a mischievous femininity."

Such a gorgeous fragrance!
I'd have to say that's it's too sweet for my taste but it would be great to wear to a
day outing or spring garden party.

Hawley International Miracle Nail Shine

Another full size sample!
RRP $6.95

"This revolutionary professional buffer that gives women fabulous looking nails in seconds"

I was very happy to see this included in the pack! It works wonders!!

Kerastase Nector Themique

5 x Samples
RRP $39.50, 150ml

"Rich in essential elements, Royal Jelly Extract is a key ingredient which intensifies nutrition and creates ultimate softness. Thermo-protective ingredient, Gluco-Sleek helps protect the hair fibre from the damaging effects of heat-styling. Leave in treatment and style with heat device."

I've heard wonderful things about this product - best suited to thick and coarse hair but I'm going to still love using it! Apparently the great effects last on your hair for up to 6 washes!

I'm looking forward to seeing what will be included in the December Christmas Pack now!!

Hope you have a lovely day!

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Lust Have It - October Pack

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you're well!

The postage of the October LHI (Lust Have It) pack was unfortunately delayed so I didn't get to make a video showcasing what was included last month, but I thought I would still do a blog post to show you the products and what I think of them :o) 

My November LHI pack should arrive any day now so I'm looking forward to that and I will post a video and blog post on what goodies are featured this month as soon as I receive it :o)

I was really happy to see the products that were in the October Pack - some I'd never heard of which is great - love to discover new products!

Kerastase - Resistance Range

2 x Bain De Force Shampoo - RRP $55.00, 250ml
"Gently cleanses hair, strengthens and leaves hair smooth, soft and supple"

2 x Ciment Anti-Usure Treatment - RRP $65.00, 200ml
"Reinforces internal structure of hair and resurfaces hair to bind in strength"

2 x Ciment Thermique - Reconstructor Milk - RRP $60.00, 125ml
"Refreshing, oil-free masque of calming botanical and antioxidant vitamins"

I love all the Kerastase Ranges and I'm looking forward to trying out these samples. 
These strengthen and rebuild weakened hair and chemically-treated hair and heat styling tools.

Lancome - Genifique Youth Activator

2 x 5ml Samples - RRP $115.00, 30ml

"Lancome's first skincare to reactivate your genes and stimulate the production of youth proteins. In just 7 days your skin is visibly rejuvenated. Skin's tone is astonishingly even; its' texture dramatically refined."

I've heard wonderful reports on this product!
We will see if there is visible improvement in my skin tone after the next 7 days of using it :o) 

Taut - Collagen Orange Drink

50ml Bottle - RRP $84.95 for a box of 8

"With a natural orange flavour, it is packed with vitamins (B1, B2, B6, E) and includes 
Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide and Beta-carotene. It is suppose to be a natural source of concentrated bio-available collagen. 
It does contain shark cartilage extract which is advised that if you're pregnant or suffer from seafood allergies then best not to use."

Have heard interesting feedback on this product - some say it's pleasant and others say it's not!
I'm not wrapped that it contains shark cartilage so I'll see how I go.

LimeLily Cosmetics - Cream Blush

2.04g Sample in Colour 'Radiant' - RRP $14.95, 2.5g

"Designed by an award-winning make-up artist it is a long lasting highly pigmented cream blush. Use to create subtle colour or build to produce a dramatic effect created in 6 beautiful shades containing Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and coconut oil to enhance the skin, retain moisture and create a flawless finish. Paraben, Bismuth Oxychloride, and artificial fragrance free. 
Not tested on animals."

I think I'm really going to love this blush and this make-up line as a whole!
I love the quality of this blush and that they use natural ingredients.
I apply it with my fingers to provide a nice glow.

Lush - Honey I Washed the Kids

RRP $7.95, 100g

"The irresistible toffee and honey soap leaving skin soft, supple and edible!
Handmade, natural and fresh, Lush products are 100% free from animal testing." 

Oh My!! This soap smells delish!! I could easily mistake it for yummy fudge haha!!
I'm really looking forward to putting this in my shower and smelling just as good :o)

I hope you're having a great week and leave a comment if you have any questions :o)

Be Inspired,

Colouring Rice for Makeup Brush Holders

Hi Lovelies!

Hope you're well!

From my 'Current Favourites' Video, I got a lot of requests on how I coloured the rice that I use in my Makeup Brush Holders. 

Here is the video:

And here is one of my Makeup Brush Holders:

It's very easy to do - as I'll explain now.

First off you'll need to get a nice holder - I found my glass holder which is suppose to be a vase at a cheap shop for $2 so I got two.

And then you'll need the following:

1.  1/2 cup of Rice - can be any kind 
2.  Few drops of Food Colouring - can be any colour you like :o)
3.  1/4 cup of White Vinegar
4.  2 Containers
5.  Sieve
6.  Plate
7.  Kitchen paper towels

This recipe makes 1/2 a cup of Rice - so depending on the size of your holder - you may want to make 2 or 3 batches at once.

Step 1

Measure 1/4 a cup of White Vinegar and pour into 1st container.
The reason why you use vinegar is so that the rice holds the colour and doesn't go mouldy over time.

Step 2

Take your choice of food colouring and add 4 drops of it to the vinegar

Step 3

Measure 1/2 a cup of rice and add it to the vinegar.

Step 4

Mix the rice and vinegar together to make sure all rice is coloured. Leave it for about four to five minutes.

Step 5

Pour the rice through the sieve into the 2nd container.

Step 6

Taking your plate and kitchen paper towels, spread rice on to the paper towels.

Step 7

Place it outside in a well ventilated and sunny area and leave to dry.

I bring mine in at the end of the day and leave to let dry even more over night. Then the next day you are ready to use it in your Makeup Brush Holder!

If you don't like the smell of the Vinegar (like me) then I wait a day or so before I wash the rice and then once again leave to dry out in the sun and overnight and then you're done!

You may want to repeat the process or make double/triple the quantity to fill your Makeup Brush Holder.

I hope you guys give this a go if you like it and please let me know how you go if you do!!

Any questions, let me know :o)