Colouring Rice for Makeup Brush Holders

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From my 'Current Favourites' Video, I got a lot of requests on how I coloured the rice that I use in my Makeup Brush Holders. 

Here is the video:

And here is one of my Makeup Brush Holders:

It's very easy to do - as I'll explain now.

First off you'll need to get a nice holder - I found my glass holder which is suppose to be a vase at a cheap shop for $2 so I got two.

And then you'll need the following:

1.  1/2 cup of Rice - can be any kind 
2.  Few drops of Food Colouring - can be any colour you like :o)
3.  1/4 cup of White Vinegar
4.  2 Containers
5.  Sieve
6.  Plate
7.  Kitchen paper towels

This recipe makes 1/2 a cup of Rice - so depending on the size of your holder - you may want to make 2 or 3 batches at once.

Step 1

Measure 1/4 a cup of White Vinegar and pour into 1st container.
The reason why you use vinegar is so that the rice holds the colour and doesn't go mouldy over time.

Step 2

Take your choice of food colouring and add 4 drops of it to the vinegar

Step 3

Measure 1/2 a cup of rice and add it to the vinegar.

Step 4

Mix the rice and vinegar together to make sure all rice is coloured. Leave it for about four to five minutes.

Step 5

Pour the rice through the sieve into the 2nd container.

Step 6

Taking your plate and kitchen paper towels, spread rice on to the paper towels.

Step 7

Place it outside in a well ventilated and sunny area and leave to dry.

I bring mine in at the end of the day and leave to let dry even more over night. Then the next day you are ready to use it in your Makeup Brush Holder!

If you don't like the smell of the Vinegar (like me) then I wait a day or so before I wash the rice and then once again leave to dry out in the sun and overnight and then you're done!

You may want to repeat the process or make double/triple the quantity to fill your Makeup Brush Holder.

I hope you guys give this a go if you like it and please let me know how you go if you do!!

Any questions, let me know :o)



  1. That's a fantastic idea. I would never have thought to use rice, let alone colour it. Thankyou so much for this tip :)


  2. No problems, Karen! Glad you like it! :o)

  3. Love this idea, I am defantly going to try this. Cheap and easy way of making your brush holder look amazing! I was just wondering in your brush holder, how many cups of rice are in there? Thanks! :)

    Molly x

  4. Thanks Molly :o)
    I used two cups for this makeup holder xo

  5. I have just finally got round to doing this - now that the NZ sun is out!!......went to have a check that the wind hadnt blown the rice away and found half a dozen birds pecking at the rice eeekkk ! LOL

    1. Oh!!!! lol, those birds!! They were thinking woohoo rice with flavouring :-D Hope you make some more :o)

  6. thanks for this idea, teen has 16 year old birthday this month and she has brushes all over the bathroom, so I was looking for something to stand them in/up probably in a crystal vase I have.

    1. Oh wonderful - I'm sure she loved it!! :o)

  7. Awesome idea! Just wanted to ask, does it stain your brushes or scratch your brushes at all? Just wanted to know as I'm trying to avoid the clear crystal vase fillers as they do tend to scratch the brushes. thanks - N

    1. Hi!! No, it doesn't stain or scratch your brushes :o)

    2. Thanks for replying! That is what i wanted to hear :) I'm guessing that it does hold the brushes right? From your pics you posted they are standing upright and the brushes u have are quite thick. Sorry so many questions. lol thanks again - N

  8. I love this! Such a great idea, I love your videos xx
    Mel xx

  9. Such a cool idea! I will be trying this soon (: xx

  10. Such an awesome idea! My rice is dying right now :) Thank you MissTango! <3