❤ Review: My Bourjois Foundations ❤

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Today I'm going to go through the Bourjois Foundations I have in my collection and let you know what I think of them.

I've got the Healthy Mix Foundation, Flower Perfection Foundation and the Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation.

I buy my Bourjois products from Priceline and always wait until they're on sale which is fairly often :o)

For a list of stockists - click here

Before I get onto the review I thought I'd let you know that I have Normal to sometimes Dry skin. 

The Bourjois foundations don't have much of a shade range so I'd recommend going in store to do a colour match.

I'm in the shade 53 in all three foundations.
Swatches are below
from left to right: Healthy Mix Foundation, Healthy Mix Serum, Flower Perfection

Healthy Mix Foundation

How Bourjois describes this foundation:

"Radiance boosting with fruit-derived ingredients for a flawless, glowing complexion for up to 16 hours.
Apricot for Radiance
Melon for Hydration
Apple for Anti-oxidant
Ginger for Energy
Melting formula blends onto skin for a flawless yet natural finish."

I love this foundation and this is my third repurchase.

I used it in my recent Foundation Routine video:

I use my Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 Makeup Brush or the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and only need 1 or 2 pumps.

My thoughts:

*  Love the packaging - has a pump (hygienic), less wastage, a guide to show how much you have left
*  Love the smell which is fruity
*  Has a light weight feel
*  Provides medium coverage (I prefer medium coverage over full coverage)
*  Sets to a satin, luminous, natural finish
*  Is build able without looking 'cakey'
*  Photographs well as it has no spf (I make sure to wear a high spf bb cream or primer if using it during the day)
*  Wears well during the day or night (8 hours)
*  Powder needed to set if you have oily skin and may need a touch up during the day
*  Won't be enough coverage if you have blemishes or acne scarring
*  Limited shade range

Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

How Bourjois describes this foundation:

"Instantly blends onto skin for an even, very natural finish, with no streaks. Imperfections are erased, signs of fatigue are smoothed, the radiance of the complexion is boosted for 16 hours. Vitamin enriched fruit therapy formula with lychee, goji berries and pomegranate. Gives skin 69% more radiance after 4 weeks of use."

I really enjoy using this foundation as well and will use it more in Winter if my skin gets drier.

I use my Sigma Flat Kabuki F80 Makeup Brush or the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and only need 1 or 2 pumps.

This foundation has been compared quite a bit to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (Bourjois & Chanel are sister companies so similar formula I believe).
I've read that Bourjois has better coverage over the Chanel foundation and not as dewy.

My thoughts:

*  Love the packaging - has a pump (hygienic)
*  Love the smell which is fruity
*  Light weight feel
*  Medium coverage 
*  Sets to a dewy, natural finish
*  Is build able without looking 'cakey'
*  Photographs well as it has no spf (I make sure to wear a high spf bb cream or primer if using it during the day)
*  Wears well during the day or night (8 hours)
*  I like the sound of the 69% more radiance over a 4 week period!! I'll see how that goes :o)
*  Wouldn't recommend it for oily skins
*  Won't be enough coverage if you have blemishes or acne scarring
*  Limited shade range

Flower Perfection Foundation

How Bourjois describes this foundation:

"A youth extension foundation with a nude-skin sensation for a smooth and beautified complexion for 16 hours.
SPF 15 formula with wild azalea, resistant to extreme climate conditions, protects skin cells for a long-lasting youth extension effect on the complexion."

This foundation gives me full coverage and I would say is more suited to oiler skin types. It's not one of my favourites for that reason but I would recommend it if you have oily skin or like full coverage to conceal blemishes or acne scarring.

As this foundation is a thicker formulation I like to use my damp Beauty Blender to apply and I use 1 or 2 pumps.

My thoughts:

*  Packaging has a pump (hygienic) but is bulky with the added sponge
*  Love the smell which is floral
*  Full coverage 
*  Sets to a semi-matte finish
*  Is build able without looking 'cakey'
*  Has SPF 15 
*  Conceals blemishes or acne scarring
*  Wears well during the day or night (8 hours)
*  Wouldn't recommend it for dry skin
*  Limited shade range

Overall, the Healthy Mix Foundation is my every day favourite but I love using the other two depending on the occasion!!

Let me know if you've tried these and what you think of them as well :o)

Have a great day



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❤ Lust Have It - May 2013 ❤

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you're having a great day!!

Time for my May Lust Have It unboxing and initial thoughts.

I was able to get a discount code for you guys if you're interested in trying out the LHI subscription service!!

This months box is so pretty!! I love seeing the different colours and patterns each month and I'm getting great use of them of these boxes.

 The Natural Source
Camoflage Colour Lipgloss
in Wild Orange

 Full Size Product
RRP $12.95

"Hydrates and protects the lips to keep them soft and supple. The contoured applicator allows an effortless glide for even, super-glossy coverage & a touch of shimmer! With 6 deliciously fragranced shades, they'll suit any mood!"

If you watch my YouTube videos you would know that I love lip glosses!! I don't have any orange coloured lip glosses so I'll be sure to add this one to my collection. It has a slight shimmer and is very glossy and doesn't have too much of a smell which is good.

Body Lotion - Pure

 Full Size Product
RRP $25.00

"This fast absorbing body lotion replenishes your skin's health and hydration to its optimum level through a unique combination of Dead Sea Minerals and natural ingredients. Your skin will feel silky soft and radiant all day long!"

A great sized product to try out!! 
It's from a product line that is made in Israel which is great.
The booklet that came in the pack was great to look through and see the different products they have available. I love reading about new skincare lines.
This moisturiser feels light on the skin and as they say, fast absorbing and hydrating.

Paula's Choice
Resist Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum

 Sample Size - 7ml
Full Size RRP $57, 30ml

"This intensive serum instantly transforms skin back to its younger, healthier self! Perfect for all skin types and all ages, your skin will be irresistibly beautiful!"

This product looks and sounds interesting - I'm all for wrinkle prevention so I will certainly be trying it out!!
The serum is clear and quite thick but feels lovely on the skin. It also says that it repairs sun damage, builds skin-firming collagen and reduces dark spots.

Elasticate & Recharge Shampoo & Conditioner

 Sample Sizes
Full Size Products RRP $25.00

"Supercharge your hair with the new Elasticate haircare range to give your hair anti-breakage power! Or, get glossy locks with the brand spanking new Recharge formula to keep your tresses in check."

Looking forward to trying out these new products. 
I should be able to get a few washes from each sample.

Nude by Nature
Papaw Ointment

 Full Size Product
RRP $5.95

"Leading Paw-Paw brands are chock-full of petrochemicals! But Nude's petrochemical-free alternative will soothe and calm chapped lips without any of those chemical nasties! Keep your lips beautifully soft!"

I was looking at this product in my local Chemist the other day and was thinking about buying it to try out so I was glad to see it in the pack. 
Looking forward to using it on my lips coming into Winter :o)

So that is what I got in my LHI pack, let me know what you got in yours or post your blog post link in the comment section!!



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❤ Montana Tan (my new Fave!!) ❤

Hey Lovelies!!

I think I've found my new favourite tanning lotion and thought I would share!!

It's called Montana Tan and I've fallen in love with their 
1 Hour Tanning Lotion.

When I'm looking for a new tanning lotion I always go for products that have a fast developing time (1 - 3 hours) because I want it to do it's thing quickly so I can have a shower and finish up the process. 

I've already got a blog post up that goes through my tips and tricks when applying tanning lotion:

It's a UK company and I've read great reviews on their tanning products so I was very excited to try it out!!

I'm sure they would be stocked in UK stores & salons but if you're in Australia, I got them from www.xternalbeauty.com.au.

Here are the before and after photos
 (pictures are of my arm):

Pasty!! (haha)


So I exfoliated first using their Pre-Tan Exfoliator.

And then I used the 1 Hour Tanning Lotion and left it on for about 1.5 hours (you can leave it on for up to 4 hours).

I used the Montana Tanning Mitt to apply it and it worked really well with no streaks (yay!!).

I also got the Tan Extending Moisturiser and I have used it each day after the tan. I use it after a shower and have found the tan is lasting well.

I'm also going to try out their Tanning Mousse and will let you know how that goes as well :o)

Below is a picture of the Tanning Lotion and Mousse next to each other.

Both have a green under tone which you need to prevent your tan turning out orange. They've both also got a tint (tan guard) so you can make sure you haven't missed any areas and you have no streaks when applying.

I'm very excited to of found a great tanning product - coming into Winter here in Australia I'll be applying every couple of weeks :-D

Let me know if you have any questions or if you've tried it out as well!!

Have a great day



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❤ Elegant Touch Nails ❤

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you're having a great day!!

I'm in the middle of editing my Nail Polish Collection video and thought in the meantime I would blog about my new favourite nail brand - Elegant Touch!!

These stood out to me because they were so pretty and unique!!

I believe they are new to the Australian market and are already popular in the UK and have been worn by Little Mix and Katy Perry.

Why I love Nail Wraps:
-  No smell
-  No drying time
-  No smudging
-  Gorgeous nail art without the effort

I used the Deckchair Pastel Wraps here as accents:

They're available at Priceline and I got the following:

Nail Art Kit in Luna
RRP $14.99

Glitter Nails in Tickled Pink
RRP $13.99

Envy Wraps in Deckchair Pastels
RRP $8.99

Envy Wraps in Deckchair Brights
RRP $8.99

Envy Wraps - Bling - Candy Sprinkles

Envy Wraps - Bling - Dotty Monochrome

Envy Wraps - Accents - Coral & Multi

Envy Wraps - Accents - Black & Chevron


As you can see these nail kits and wraps are so much fun!!

I'll show them more in my Nail Polish Collection :o)

Let me know if you've tried them before



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