GlossyBox for Men!!

Hi Lovelies,

When I heard that GlossyBox was bringing out a Men's version I was really excited!! I'm totally into guys looking after themselves and the whole male grooming phenomenon ha :o)

So I decided to get the first box for my Partner. He was really intrigued when I told him about it. He's definitely one to try out new products and I sometimes see my skin care products dwindling down more and more each month as he likes to try them out haha!!

Here is what was included, with info on each and our thoughts on the products:

Calvin Klein - CK Free
You receive 2 sample sizes
RRP $60/30ml, $85/50ml, $120/100ml
This eau de toilette is fresh, yet distinctly and strongly masculine.
Smell hints of absinthe and woods.
"Oh my, I love this scent!! I love anything from CK though haha!! My partner likes it too - he already has CK Euphoria for Men which he loves"

Biotherm Homme - Aquapower Moisturising Gel
20ml Sample Size
RRP $59/75ml
This world-renowned moisturiser is sure to quench your skin with vitamins and minerals made specifically for men's healthy complexions that last.
"This product looks really nice - I put some on my hand and it feels moisturising and cooling and smells very masculine"

Tigi Bed Head - Powe Play Firm Finish Gel
Full Size in Pack
RRP $24.95/200ml
Use this classic gel to hold your hair in place, so you can maintian your manly mane all day, even with your active lifestyle.
"It's fantastic that it's a full size product - smells fine and looks like it will give good hold. My partner uses a fibre/wax to style his hair currently, rather than a gel,
but he said he'll give it a go :o)"

Nude by Nature - Nude Oil
Full Size in Pack
RRP $19.95/60ml
This multi-tasking oil is there to help treat your skin after the harsh conditions you put it through each day. It can prevent razor rash, firm and condition your skin. Or, use it as a pre-shave preparation to help the razor glide across your skin, even apply it at night-time to soften and nourish your skin.
"This product looks fantastic and we'll definately be sharing it haha!! I think it will be really good for post shaving"

Nivea for Men - Sensitive Skin Moisturiser and Shaving Gel
Sample Sizes
Moisturiser RRP $11.60/75ml
Shaving Gel RRP $5.99/200ml
Make your shaving experience a smooth and razor burn free one with this Sensitive Shaving Gel and Moisturiser combo pack.
"I love the smell of all Nivea products so I was happy to see this line in the pack. It's great that they've brought out a sensitive skin range"

Auscreen - Sunscreen Lotion
Sample Size
RRP $7.49/125ml, $10.49/250ml, $13.99/500ml, $20.90/1L
Protect your skin from the sun with this non-white, non-greasy sun screen offering 30 times your skins natural protection and water resistance.
"My partner thinks he'll like this sun screen as he doesn't like white or greasy sun screen which this claims to not be"

And a bonus item - the "Swipe" which is a squeegee to clean your mirror, allowing for a clearer shave.
"This is a fantastic idea!! My partner is excited to put this in the bathroom :o)"

So.... all in all we're very happy with the Men's Box - I ordered the Ladies box as well for myself from February onwards.... Looking forward to receiving my pack now!!

Visit GlossyBox to find out more!!
Glossy Box

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My Fav NYX Eyelashes & Giveaway (closed)

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you're having a wonderful day :o)

Today I'm going to show you my 9 Favourite NYX Eye Lashes. I think it's a good way to see what they look like on, before you decide on what Lashes you would want to purchase.

I get a lot of questions asking for application tips so I'll include them as well. But my most important tip is "practice makes perfect" :o)

I buy my NYX Eyelashes from Cherry Culture -

They are really well priced at around $4.00 a set on Cherry Culture and from Australian sellers, around $8 - $10 a set. They last up to 10 wears if you look after them and they apply easily. I don't use the glue that comes with them - I use Duo Eyelash Glue.

I also bought 3 of the my Favourite "121- Perfect" NYX Lashes to Giveaway to 3 lucky ladies. Keep reading to find out how to enter :o)

Firstly, here is the video:

107 - Dream Catcher

109 - Rebel

110 - Illumination

111 - Lash Implant

116 - Edge

117 - Posh

118 - Rumor

121 - Perfect

130 - Show Girl

If you're looking for Lashes that give you a dramatic look then I would suggest numbers 107,109, 110, 111 and 130.

The more natural looking lashes are numbers 116, 117, 118 and 121.

Application Tips:

1.  Measure them against your eye first and then cut them to size
2.  Bend them slightly so that they will be easier to apply
3.  I use Duo Eyelash glue - I apply a thin coat across the eyelash band
4.  I wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get a bit tacky
5.  I make sure there is a mirror in front of me
6.  I use tweezers to pick up the lashes and then looking down I slowly apply them on to my lashes, first placing them in the middle and then holding down each side.

Hope these tips were helpful, if you have any questions let me know but as I said "Practice makes Perfect" :o)

Giveaway (closed):

I'm giving away 3 new sets of the '121 Perfect' NYX Lashes (as below):

These provide such a natural, full look.

All you have to do is:

1.  Be a subscriber of my YouTube Channel:

2.  Like my Facebook Page:

3.  Leave a comment on my Facebook Page saying Hi 
and that you would like to enter the NYX Lashes Giveaway

4.  You must have your Parents permission if you are under 16

5.  Giveaway is open Internationally

6.  Entries close in 2 weeks - 11th February 12pm AEST

7.  I will announce the winners on my Facebook page

Let me know if you have any questions :o)

Be Inspired,

Lauren Conrad Bun & Bow Hair Tutorial

Hi Lovelies,

First off I want to say a big Happy New Year!! 
I hope you had a wonderful festive season and I wish you all the best for a great year!!

I saw this picture of Lauren Conrad on my Pinterest just before Christmas and fell in love with the style and bow accent - I wore it a lot over the festive season and got lovely compliments.

I posted the picture on my Facebook Page and asked if you wanted to see a Tutorial and a lot of you said - yes!! 

Here is the Tutorial video and some pictures:

What you will need:

1.  Hair Band to create a high pony tail

2.  Bobby Pins

3.  Make a Sock Bun

4.  Choose a pretty ribbon and make a bow

If you have any questions, let me know :o)