Lust Have It - August

Hi Lovelies,

I received my August Lust Have It in the mail today and thought I would show you what I received. 

It looks like there are a few different boxes again this month 
so here are the products that I got.

No makeup bag this month, but a lovely white box with black ribbon.

tanGo Tanning Glove

Full Size Product - RRP $29.95

"The tanGo tan removal glove acts like elastic, gently pulling the tanning pigment away from the skin without the use of any harsh exfoliants or chemicals. Also doubles up as a great make up remover, just add water"

Well, I'm very interested in using this product. I self-tan regularly and it's always nice to have a good tan remover. I looked up the website to find out how to use it and they said that you wet it and wipe over the tan you want to remove. Sounds pretty easy but will see how it works!! :o)

Bed Head - Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum


60ml Sample
RRP $25.95 
(says 50ml for full size on the card but don't think that's right..)

"This semi-sweet smoothing hair serum works to smooth the hair cuticle and fight humidity. Lightweight, Candy Fixations Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum reduces drying time and adds a high shine to any hair type"

This is definitely a product I want to try!! I love trying new hair products and this one sounds good. I like that it's smoothing and that it reduces drying time. Anything to reduce drying time is good!! Looking forward to trying it and letting you guys know what I think of it :o)

Marc Jacobs: DOT Fragrance

1.2ml Sample
RRP $160 - 100ml

"DOT by Marc Jacobs, the new lush floral fragrance captures a charming and upbeat spirit with timeless sophistication. Fluttering sweet and fruity top notes of red berries, that descend through a trail of jasmine and orange blossom, landing on a base of vanilla and musk"

As you guys know, I love sampling new fragrances. Although, this one doesn't tickle my fancy (I bit too fruity sweet for me). But the red polka dots are adorable so I can just imagine the full size bottle would be very cute!! :o)

Pure Fiji Exotic Bath & Body Oil - Orange Blossom

RRP $34.95 - 236ml

"Nourishing blend of exotic nut extracts that will rapidly hydrate and condition your skin. A balance blend of cold pressed Virgin Coconut, Macadamia, Sikeci and Dilo nut oils form a unique bio-network that promotes cellular renewal for younger looking skin and protection from environmental elements"

Oh I love body oils!! This one smells divine and makes me think of Summer!!
Made in Fiji makes it even better :o)

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick - RS 612

2.5g Sample
RRP $43 - 4.5g

"A new formula that provides true intense colour with all day hydration. This ultra-smoothing formula blends effortlessly for a luxurious finish"

This is a beautiful lipstick. It applies very smoothly and feels very hydrating on my lips. I'm not a big fan of the colour on me but you can't go past the cute little lipstick packaging!! 
Haha I'm a sucker for all things cute!! :o)

Wet n Wild Nail Polish

Full Size Sample
RRP $14.95 - 10ml

"A composition rich in colour. Intense elegance, light pastel colours and tons scintillanti. Vedrai the benefits of these enamels from the first application of colour. Ultra uniform coating, with no trace of imperfection"

I've heard a lot about Wet n Wild Cosmetics but haven't tried any yet. This full size nail polish looks great - I'm not really a fan of dark polishes but I'll give this one a go and let you know what I think of it :o)

So that's what was in my August Lust Have It pack!!
I'd love to know if you got the same or what you got different :o)

Hope you're having a great day!!


Beautiful Blogger & Laine Blogger Awards

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you're having a great day!!

I'm new to these Blogger Awards but I was recently nominated for two by LuckyBeauty07 - thanks chicky :o)

The first one is the Beautiful Blogger Award

Rules and Questions:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you.

Ok, so as I said LuckyBeauty07 tagged me, I love her blog!! :o)

2.  Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it.

I love being a part of the Online Beauty Community through my 
YouTube Channel so creating a Blog was just another platform for me to let my readers/viewers know about my experiences with different products. I love having my Blog to write about all things fabulous!! :o)

3.  Describe a usual day in your life

I start my day with a Coffee and a bite of Breakfast, open my emails and start working :o) I finish up at around 5pm and get changed into my Workout Gear and go for a run or session at the gym. At night I usually edit my YouTube videos or work on my Blog :o) On the weekends I love catching up with Friends and Family and chilling out!!

4.  The best collaboration with a Blogger

I haven't as yet had a collaboration with another blogger but I'd be interested in it :o)

5.  The worst collaboration with a Blogger

none :o)

6.  Describe what having a blog means to you

Easy, I love connecting with other like minded ladies that have the same interests as me: Health, Beauty and Fashion!! :o)
I love sharing my experiences with different products and hearing other peoples opinions.

7.  Nominate five other Bloggers

Jodi at goo roo beauty
DanniiBeauty at DanniiBeauty
Milly at Pearls and Poodles
emmamakeup91 at emmamakeup91


And now on to the next Award....


1.  What is your current beauty obsession?

I recently just got some of the Katy Perry Lashes - love!!

2.  What is one beauty item you wished you owned?

I know it's been out for ages but some reason I haven't tried out the Beauty Blender yet.... I'm planning on getting it soon :o)

3.  What are your favourite posts to read and write?

I love reading product reviews and I like writing them too.

4.  What inspired you to become a blogger?

As I said earlier - I created my blog as an extension of my YouTube Channel to be more involved in the Online Beauty Community :o)

5.  What colour nail polish are you wearing now?

A combo actually!!
Pastels and Glitter

Tag 5 other Bloggers:

 Jodi at goo roo beauty
DanniiBeauty at DanniiBeauty
Milly at Pearls and Poodles
emmamakeup91 at emmamakeup91

Thanks again, Sophie, for nominating me!!
It was fun!!

And if you're reading this and would like to do these Tags then I tag you too!! Make sure to let me know so I can read yours as well :o)

Have a great day



♥ More Fav Accessories ♥

Hi Lovelies,

I thought I'd share with you a couple more of my Favourite Accessories!!

I recently blogged about my Favourite Watch in this post:

♥ My Current Favourite Accessory ♥

And I thought I would show you a couple more Gorgeous Items :o)

Here is another watch I got from the We-Wood range,
 The Limited Edition Odyssey Brown 

It's a stunning watch that is very feminine but has a natural/boho feel.

The darker wood goes with many outfits!!

"One tree has been planted because of your WeWood Purchase"

If you're interested in seeing the full range of the We-Wood watches, here is the website, I love all the watches, the Mens ones are gorgeous too!!

We-Wood Watches

And my next accessory is very funky....

Wooden Sunglasses!!

How cool, right??

These ones are "The Gato"

So hot and trendy!!

The wooden case is gorgeous!!

They are nice and light and very comfortable to wear.

Check them out online here:


It's an awesome site - I love all their Sunnies!!

I love finding new and unique Accessories!!

Stay cool and have a fab day