Rave Review: Rich Skincare


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Hope you're doing well :o)

I uploaded a picture on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago letting you guys know that I'm trying out a new Skincare range called Rich Skincare. I've had quite a few lovely comments on my skin lately and I honestly have to thank this new Skincare line!!

First off, I'll let you know my skin type - I have normal to dry skin that I need to hydrate. To prevent wrinkles later on I have to be on top of this and make sure my skin is clean and hydrated and why not start using 
Anti-Ageing products now!! :o)

I got the full range so I could really try out each of the products individually. Other than the gorgeous packaging they are also gorgeous products.

I love buying Australian Made and I love finding skincare products that are good for the skin and that are natural.

I've tried so many supposedly "natural" skincare products and they either didn't cleanse my skin properly or left my skin feeling tight even after moisturising. The Rich Skincare line has been a refreshing change.

I'm going to talk to you about each of the products and as always, I'll state what the website claims, prices and my thoughts:o)

RRP $44.95 200ml

"A milk facial cleanser that removes makeup, dirt and other impurities leaving your skin feeling refreshed and vibrant. Formulated with the antibacterial properties of Organic Honey, Hibiscus as an anti-inflammatory and Macadamia Oil for hydration. It also contains essential oils of Sweet Orange and Lime to detoxify and soothe."

There is one word for this cleanser: gorgeous!! 
It is so beautifully creamy but you can feel that it cleanses really well.
When I'm wearing makeup I use makeup removing wipes before using the cleanser. Some cleansers make my face feel really tight after use but this cleanser leaves my skin feeling really moisturised but clean. It smells lovely too.

RRP $44.95 80g

"A gentle and deep cleansing facial scrub that will leave your skin feeling purified, invigorated and smoothed. Formulated with Walnut Shell, Jojoba micro beads and White Clay it gently removes dead skin cells and promotes healthy cell renewal. Macadamia, Camellia and Coconut oils hydrate and soothe, while essential oils of Rose Geranium and Mandarin balance and normalise the skin."

This is a very special exfoliator. The Jojoba beads and Walnut shell are so gentle but my skin feels so soft and smooth after using it. I use this exfoliator once or twice a week avoiding the eye area.

RRP $49.95 50ml

"A luxurious lightweight cream that leaves skin energised, hydrated and protected throughout the day.  This cream also contains anti-ageing actives that assist in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and fine lines."

Another beautiful product. I use this each morning after cleansing and my skin feels refreshed and moisturised without feeling oily during the day. It's also a lovely base for my foundation.

RRP $59.95 50ml

"A rich restorative cream for intensive nightly repair. Formulated with Soy Proteins, Ceramides and Vitamin A to help stimulate collagen and elasticity, and restore the protective barrier function of the skin. Abundant in natural antioxidants for healing and balancing skin tone, and moisturising elements for essential hydration."

This Night Cream is so moisturising and luxurious. I use it on top of the serums which I'll talk about soon. I wake up in the morning and my skin feels really hydrated which is great!!

RRP $44.95 15g

"A revitalising eye treatment that fights the visible signs of ageing around the delicate eye area. Contains Gotu Kola, Green Coffee Seed, Horsetail Extract and Cucumber to firm, brighten, reduce puffiness and hydrate."

I've never used an Eye Serum before but as I said previously I want to now start using Anti-Ageing products to prevent any wrinkles forming :o) I use this nightly under my Night Cream. You can feel it when you first apply it under your eyes, it's a small sensation that only lasts a minute. It does contain Vitamin A so you need to use a foundation that has an spf in it during the day. I haven't seen any dramatic changes to my eye area but I am only using it as a prevention product rather than a cure product.

RRP $49.95 15ml

"This ultra concentrated, readily-absorbent formula quickly penetrates the skin surface to help repair the visible effects of damage to skin's tone, texture and elasticity due to environmental oxidation, sun exposure and other external skin stressors."

This serum may well be the reason my skin is looking good. I use this every night under the Night Cream and I have definitely seen a difference in my skin while using this product. You only need a tiny amount and it quickly absorbs into the skin. 

RRP $34.95 15ml

"A fast-drying gel formulated to help reduce blemishes and promote healing in problem areas of the skin, such as acne. Will not clog your pores. Fruit acids along with MSM provide a powerful detox for the skin. Aloe Vera, Nettle Root, Honey, Chamomile and Comfrey reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and assist in countering hormonal imbalances."

I've only had to use this product once, but when I did it worked really well. It has a cooling effect when you apply it to your skin. I used it as a spot treatment rather than applying it all over my face and the spot that I was targeting cleared up over two days - wonderful!! :o)


So that is my thoughts on the Rich Skincare line - as you can see I'm really liking the products and I will definitely be purchasing more.

I think a Face Mask and Lip Treatment would be a great addition to the line.

I believe you can only buy online right now: www.richskincare.com.au

The ladies from Rich Skincare have been kind enough to give us a 15% discount on their product range. Just use the code A9CT-BFL6 at the checkout (Expires 31st August 2012).

Let me know if you guys have tried any products from Rich Skincare :o)

Hope you have a lovely day!!


Lust Have It - July

Hola Lovelies,

Hope all is well :o)

I received my July Lust Have It pack in the mail yesterday.
As normal, I'm sharing with you what was included, what the product card says and my initial thoughts. I'll be filming my video review in the next couple of days :o)

I've seen a few LHI July reviews already and it seems like we all got different products, would love to hear what you got as well!!

This month the products came in a gorgeous orange LHI coloured bag!!

Baby Foot

Full Size Product - RRP $29.95

"Designed to remove the dead skin cells which are unsightly and can contribute to problems associated with the sole of the foot. Baby Foot provides you with the product to care and maintain your feet at home."

Well.... This is a very interesting product. It says that it's the effortless way to exfoliate your feet. I do my own pedicures monthly (even in winter) but I'm looking forward to seeing how this product works :o)

Matrix Mix In Shine (x2)

4.4ml Sample Size (x2)
RRP $20.95 - 89ml

"This brilliant serum adds light-multiplying shine. Mixed or pure, this serum gives hair lasting, lustrous shine for a smooth, polished finish."

I'm very much into hair products at the moment so I'm looking forward to using these samples - because you only need a tiny bit for each use I think these will last quite awhile.

Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine

1.5g Sample
RRP $39.95 - 4.5g

"All in one, self-renewing glossy colour, micro collagen instant lip plumper, and long term lip treatment. Extremely long wearing plus anti-feathering high intensity colour. Giving you really full, plump, sexy lips all day long!"

This is my second Mirenesse lip shine from a LHI pack - I loved the last one so I was happy to receive this second one - it's a gorgeous baby pink colour.
I tried it out and it definitely lasts well but I didn't notice any plumping :o)

(I've already claimed the Free Mirenesse Instant Lash Transplant on their Facebook page)

Avene Eluage Firming Gel
Avene Rich Compensating Cream
Avene Gold Cream

Eluage 3ml Sample/RRP $30.00 - 15ml
"Helps visibly reduce the appearance of deep furrows and wrinkles. Greater concentrating of key ingredients for optimal effect. Complexion appears brighter and revitalised."

Rich Compensating Cream 5ml Sample/RRP $57.95 - 50ml
"Extremely nourishing and easily absorbed daily moisturiser for very dry and sensitive skin. Contains vitamins E & C."

Gold Cream 10ml Sample/RRP $35.95 - 400ml
"Nourishing and softening with long lasting moisture on the skin after application. Suitable for all skin types. Hypoallergenic."

I love the Avene brand so I'm looking forward to trying out these samples - especially the Rich Compensating Cream during Winter :o)

Again I am happy with the products in the LHI pack!! 
It's nearly been a year since I've been receiving the LHI pack and there hasn't been a month where I haven't been excited for my postie to arrive!!

For more info:

I would love to hear what you got in your LHI pack too!!

Have a great day!!


♥ My Current Favourite Accessory ♥

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you're doing well!!

I wanted to do a blog post today on my new Favourite Accessory:

I talked a bit about it in my recent Haul Video:

So, I originally saw Sophie from The Block 2012 wearing a particular watch that looked like it was wooden - I loved it straight away!! 
(btw Sophie & Dale were my favs)

I jumped straight onto Google and typed in "Wooden Watches Australia" and the website We-Wood Australia came up and that's where I found the watch that she was wearing - yay!! A Win!! haha

By looking into the company further, I very much respect their philosophy:

WEWOOD has emerged out of Italy as an emblem of eco-luxury and design, committed to the health of our planet. WEWOOD is the avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability.

WEWOOD lets us rediscover nature in its beauty, its simplicity and inspired design. It reminds us of a tree’s powerful way of life; rooted, yet reaching.
Completely absent of artificial and toxic materials, the WEWOOD Timepiece is as natural as your wrist. It respects your skin as you respect nature by choosing it. Your WEWOOD Watch breathes the same air that you breathe and may awaken memories from another time and place. Your WEWOOD Watch records your sensations and shares your experiences as the perfect natural mate, whose story also becomes yours to wear, smell and feel.
One Timepiece plants one tree, and together we help to ensure the health and survival of the natural world.

They have a great range of watches in different shapes and colours and for both men and women

I've been wearing mine everyday, here are some daily armcandy pics :o)

It's very comfortable to wear, you would think it would be quite bulky and heavy but it's actually very light and easy to wear. The light colour allows it to blend in with every outfit.

This particular design is $119 which I think is a great price for a quality watch!!

Anyways, that is my Favourite Accessory right now, would love to hear about yours :o)

Have a great day


♥ My Current NYX Lip Products ♥

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you're doing well :o)

I love my NYX Lip Products and I recently bought more so I thought I would do a post showing you my favourite ones and what they all look like on my lips.

First off is the NYX Lip Glosses

(Pinky Natural, Mauve, Kiss, Peach, Pink)

Pinky Natural

Mauve (Favourite)




And then the NYX Xtreme Lip Creams

I love the consistency of these and they are so well pigmented.

(Pinky Nude, Candy Land, Nude Peach Fuzz, Natural)

Pinky Nude

Candy Land (Favourite)

Nude Peach Fuzz

(not good on my skin tone)

And then the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

I love these are well, they're matte but don't dry out your lips

(Antwerp, Istanbul)



And then the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

Don't like the smell of these....

(Salsa, Pink Frost)


Pink Frost

And then the NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumpers

These aren't pleasant to wear as they sting a bit but you'll see that they work!!

(Pamela, Kim)



So that's it for my NYX Lip Product collection, for now.... I love the Xtreme Lip Creams and the Matte Soft Lip Creams so I'm certainly going to get a few more of them soon :o)

If you have any questions, let me know, otherwise I hope you're having a fab day!!