❤ MUA Cosmetics Haul ❤

Hey Lovelies,

I received my first MUA (Makeup Academy) order in the mail today and I just posted a picture of it on my Instagram (misstango2)

Here are some piccies of the gorgeous products and my first impressions.

So first off I ordered these products from
It's a mega cute online shop!!

The prices on their website are in pounds and I used an online currency converter to get an average AUD amount while I was shopping:

To make it easier I'm going to quote the pound prices that I paid.

Total shipping was only £7.50
and I received my order in around 8 working days.

Here is what I ordered:

MUA Love Heart Lip Balms
£2.00 each

(Left to Right: Great Lips, Sugar Lips and Sweet Kiss)

How cute are these!?!? 
They only have a slight sweet smell which is good and from what I've found so far they are hydrating and quite long lasting. 

MUA Nail Polish
  £1.00 each
(Left to Right: Shade 18, 16, 12 and 5)

I love these colours and they applied nicely.
The swatches are two coats.

MUA Lip Gloss
  £1.00 each
(Top: Shade 5, Bottom: Shade 3)

I love myself a bit of lip gloss haha!!
These are gorgeous colours, not very opaque which I don't mind and when I swatched them they have a high gloss.
They have a sweeter smell then the lip balms.

MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner
(Royal Blue)

I originally heard about this eyeliner from Britpopprincess, she wears it on her waterline and it always looks fab!! So I thought I would give it a go. When I tested it quickly, it was very creamy and easy to use. I will test how long it wears. It has a sharpener on the lid which is a great bonus and very convenient!!

MUA Pearl Eyeshadows

(Left to Right: Shade 4, 13, 11 and 12)

Such beautiful eyeshadows!! 
These are from their Pearl Eyeshadow range.
Having a quick go of them, they are well pigmented, creamy and have a gorgeous sheen.
Looking forward to using these and letting you know what I think!!

MUA Blush

(Left to Right: Shade 4 and 2)

Once again beautiful colours but when I had a quick go of them they seemed a bit chalky but I'll apply them properly and let you know what I think of them in my haul video.

Immaculate Collection Palette
It came free with my order
(sounds like it was if you spend over £8.00 before the 25/9/12)

It was a lovely surprise to receive this complimentary palette!!
It has a combo of both matte and pearl eyeshadows in great colours :o)

So all up my order came to £26.50 which after converted to AUD came to an average of $41!! :-D

All up I'm very happy with the MUA products and I'm looking forward to ordering more sometime soon :o)

Have you guys tried these?

Hope you're having/had a great day!!


Milani Illuminating Face Powders

Hi Lovelies,

I posted a Haul video last week which included three Milani Illuminating Face Powders that I got from BeautyJoint and I thought I would post a review and pictures of them as they're gorgeous :o)

First of all, we have to recognise how gorgeous the 
product presentation is!!

Colourful raised roses makes these a very pretty addition to any makeup collection.

I've used mine quite a bit now and the pattern is still intact :-D

You can use them as a highlighter or bronzer, depending on the colour of your complexion.

They all have a gorgeous light-reflecting sheen without being shimmery.

Here they are individually:

01 Amber Nectar

02 Hermosa Rose
(Dark Peach)

03 Beauty's Touch

And here they are swatched:
(Amber Nectar, Hermosa Rose, Beauty's Touch)

The packaging is sturdy and easy to use.

Made in Italy.

Average Price - $9.00 USD

Where I got mine from:
(For 5% off your order enter: MISSTANGO2)

Let me know what you guys think 
and whether or not you have tried them:o)

Have a great day!!


Homemade Hair Mask

Hi Lovelies,

Today I wanted to share with you a Homemade Hair Mask 
that I've been using for quite awhile now. 

I find that it always leaves my hair well conditioned.

Only 3 Simple Ingredients:

3 tbs of Honey
2 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar 
2 tbs of Olive Oil

(you may want to double these amounts if you have long hair)

Combine ingredients....

And then add to dry hair.

I clip it up and leave it in for about 30 minutes.

Then rinse it out 
and follow up with your Favourite Shampoo and Conditioner.

Easy as that!!

As I said, this mask always leaves my hair well cleansed and conditioned.

Hope you try this out and let me know how you go!!

Have a great day



My Current Empties

Hi Lovelies,

It's that time again for my Current Empties!!

Here is my "Current Empties" Video:

Palmolive Coconut Scrub Body Wash, 400ml
Definitely going to repurchase this body wash. Perfect for in between self tan exfoliating as it's very gentle but hydrating.

Voluspa Candle in Bella Sucre, 90g
Oh, I'm so in love with the scent of this candle.
Definitely repurchasing!!

Lush Face Mask - Brazened Honey,75g
Beautiful face mask and will be repurchasing.
It says, with ground almonds to polish and moisturising honey, this blend leaves the skin vibrant and re-vitalised.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo, 250ml
I won't be repurchasing this Blonde Shampoo.
It didn't brighten my blonde and when I use a purple shampoo that's what I want it to do, otherwise, I'd just use a normal shampoo.
I repurchased the Juuce Blonde Shampoo and I'm loving it!!

KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray, 30ml
This is a sample size that I got in a Subscription Box. 
I love it and will definitely repurchase.
It activates under heat and gives hair manageable texture.

Absolute Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy, 10ml
I like using Lip Balms/Treatments during winter so it was easy to use this up. It's not one of my favs as it didn't last on my lips very long and wasn't particularly moisturising.

Maybelline FitMe Foundation, 30ml
This is probably the 6th bottle of this foundation I've used up!!
I love it!! Perfect for normal to dry skin types and is very buildable but at the same time can be applied for light coverage.
Have already repurchased another bottle of it!!

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, 20ml
As you ladies know, I'm a huge fan of Rosehip Oil!!
I use it as a serum at night under my moisturiser and the next morning my skin is so smooth and clear.
I've already repurchased a new bottle :o)

1Skin Solution Lip Balm in Vanilla, 5g
This was my pick of the lip balms I used over Winter. 
Very nourishing and lasted well and smelt good too :o)

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm
This was a good Lip Balm as well - I just repurchased the Carmex Lip Treatment.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse, 30ml
I'm in the colour Pure Beige, Medium 2. This is a great foundation but I prefer the FitMe foundation so I won't be repurchasing this one at the moment.

Clinique All About Eyes 5ml
This is a sample size from one of the Clinique Packs that you get at Myer and David Jones. I love this eye cream, it is very moisturising and gentle.

NYX Blush in Pinched, 6.4g
This has lasted me about 18 months and I use it as my everyday blush. It's supposedly the dupe for the Nars Orgasm Blush. It's a pinky/rose blush with gold undertones. I've already purchased a new one :o)

Napoleon Devine Goddess Lipstick in SMP
Such a beautiful lipstick!! 
Perfect for a golden, goddess makeup look!!
One of my subscribers said I can take the lipstick stick out of the bottom and there is more lipstick. I've done that so now it isn't a true "empty" but will be shortly by the many times I'm using it ;o)

e.l.f. Blush in Gotta Glow, 4.8g
Love this blush too and I've already repurchased it. 
I use it as a highlighter and it's suppose to be the dupe for Nars Albatross.

SunLabs Self Tanning Lotion in Ultra Dark, 236ml
Love this self tanner and definitely going to be repurchasing. I used it nearly every two weeks over winter. It's a tinted lotion so it's very easy to apply and it fades gradually and doesn't leave patchiness. That being said I moisturise and lightly exfoliate every night which I think allows self tanners to fade naturally.
I've got a Self Tanner blog post up already that talks about the Self Tanners that I've used and what I think of them with tips :o) 

And that's it for my Current Empties!!

Please leave a link to your Empties blog post in the comments so I can read yours as well :o)

Have a great day