❤ MUA Cosmetics Haul ❤

Hey Lovelies,

I received my first MUA (Makeup Academy) order in the mail today and I just posted a picture of it on my Instagram (misstango2)

Here are some piccies of the gorgeous products and my first impressions.

So first off I ordered these products from
It's a mega cute online shop!!

The prices on their website are in pounds and I used an online currency converter to get an average AUD amount while I was shopping:

To make it easier I'm going to quote the pound prices that I paid.

Total shipping was only £7.50
and I received my order in around 8 working days.

Here is what I ordered:

MUA Love Heart Lip Balms
£2.00 each

(Left to Right: Great Lips, Sugar Lips and Sweet Kiss)

How cute are these!?!? 
They only have a slight sweet smell which is good and from what I've found so far they are hydrating and quite long lasting. 

MUA Nail Polish
  £1.00 each
(Left to Right: Shade 18, 16, 12 and 5)

I love these colours and they applied nicely.
The swatches are two coats.

MUA Lip Gloss
  £1.00 each
(Top: Shade 5, Bottom: Shade 3)

I love myself a bit of lip gloss haha!!
These are gorgeous colours, not very opaque which I don't mind and when I swatched them they have a high gloss.
They have a sweeter smell then the lip balms.

MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner
(Royal Blue)

I originally heard about this eyeliner from Britpopprincess, she wears it on her waterline and it always looks fab!! So I thought I would give it a go. When I tested it quickly, it was very creamy and easy to use. I will test how long it wears. It has a sharpener on the lid which is a great bonus and very convenient!!

MUA Pearl Eyeshadows

(Left to Right: Shade 4, 13, 11 and 12)

Such beautiful eyeshadows!! 
These are from their Pearl Eyeshadow range.
Having a quick go of them, they are well pigmented, creamy and have a gorgeous sheen.
Looking forward to using these and letting you know what I think!!

MUA Blush

(Left to Right: Shade 4 and 2)

Once again beautiful colours but when I had a quick go of them they seemed a bit chalky but I'll apply them properly and let you know what I think of them in my haul video.

Immaculate Collection Palette
It came free with my order
(sounds like it was if you spend over £8.00 before the 25/9/12)

It was a lovely surprise to receive this complimentary palette!!
It has a combo of both matte and pearl eyeshadows in great colours :o)

So all up my order came to £26.50 which after converted to AUD came to an average of $41!! :-D

All up I'm very happy with the MUA products and I'm looking forward to ordering more sometime soon :o)

Have you guys tried these?

Hope you're having/had a great day!!



  1. I'm not familiar with the MUA brand, but I'm loving the colours and the packaging for such an affordable price! I'm looking forward to seeing your haul video. :)

    1. Thanks babes, yes it's the first time I've tried these products and liking so far :o) xx

  2. I have the palette but am sooo tempted to go and try out those gorgeous looking lip balms!! They are so cute :) xx

    1. I really like the eyeshadows!! What do you think of them? The lip balms are so cute hey!! :o) xx

  3. Those lip balms are sooooooooo adorable! Can't wait for the review :)

  4. You need to order £10 of items to redeem the free shadow pallet :) just ordered my own lot of stuff from there! you are a bad influence MissTango!!!

  5. Ah perfect, thanks for that babes!! I'll update it now :o) Looking forward to hearing what you got <3 Sorry.... :-p xx

  6. Oh those lip balms are so so cute! I must have some. I am sure I will be ordering off them sometime soon!

    Sophie xx


  7. I love MUA! They have some great stuff! The love heart lip balms are my favorite!!

    Just followed your cute blog! Can't wait to read more.

    1. Thanks Miranda!! Oh yes, I'm in love with the MUA lip balms :-D
      I'm following your blog too - love it!! Looking forward to catching up on your posts :o) xx

  8. I have my huge haul too <3 I ordered all the way from the Philippines and it took me a month to receive it :)) but It was worth it! I also got the sugar lips and blusher 2 <3 I love em!

    1. Aw that's great!! They're lovely hey :o) I just read your blog posts on your haul - I'm looking forward to trying their lipsticks :o) xx