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I thought I'd share with you what I received in my March GlossyBox. Included was an info card that had 18 items on it and each box had a selection of 5 of those products - so it looks like everyone got a different box of goodies. I was happy with mine, as they were all products that I'd not tried before.

The only con is that the full size prices weren't included on the info card.

Let me know what you got in yours and if you were happy with the selection :o)

First off some cards to read....

Absolutely Gorgeous - Macadamia Face Cream

"Create a barrier against moisture loss and slow
down ageing with this macadamia nut face cream."

It's not as moisturising as I thought it would be but
it still feels really nice on the skin. I love 
that it includes Organic Rosehip Oil and
Carrot Oil which is great for the skin!!

Proactiv - Cleansing Body Bar

"Now you can easily use a soap bar to gently 
exfoliate, fight body breakouts and give your
skin a deep clean."

I know there's a lot of controversy over Proactiv,
I've never used it before but I'll try out this Body Bar
and see how it goes - I feel it's safer to use on my body
rather than on my face starting out :o)

Dencorub - Extra Strength Heat Gel

"Stressed, strained and sore muscles after work or
exercise? Experience relief with this heat gel formula."

This has actually come at a good time for me!!
I've just started a new workout regime and as you know,
when you start using new muscles you haven't worked 
in awhile, they can get a bit sore to start with!!
So I'll be giving this Heat Gel a go I think haha!!

Eau Thermale Avene - Gentle Toner

"For dry and very dry sensitive skin"

Gorgeous Toner - very gentle and feels
very nourishing

KMS California - Free Shape Hot Flex Spray

"Expect your hair to feel soft, silky and with less breakage
because this formula protects from heat and 
styling stressors"

I must say I love the sound of this product!!
Having a shaping product mixed with a heat protector is fab!!
Two products in one - I haven't tried this yet but it
sounds great and smells pretty good too.
Fingers crossed it does what it says!!

Klorane - Dry Shampoo

"Get a fresh look with Klorane's shampoo for
soft, clean hair."

I love dry shampoo so I'm looking forward to trying this brand.
It says that it's extra-gentle and made with oat milk.
Smells yummy!!

Power Balancing Bracelet

"Often worn by athletes who find that it supports their
strength and flexibility"

Well I'm not sure if I'm feeling stronger or more flexible but
I've been wearing it because it's pink and looks cute..!!

It was great to receive and try out these new products. I always look forward to what is included in each month's box. A present that arrives at your door each month - yay!!

To find out more, visit GlossyBox

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