How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Hi Lovelies!!

Hope you're well 

It's definitely time for some Makeup Brush cleaning!!
So I thought I'd take photos of my process and share with you guys how I clean my brushes

Here are the dirty, dirty brushes haha

There are so many ways/combos you can clean your brushes and I've pretty much tried them all but what I find works the best is just dishwashing liquid and olive oil.
The dishwashing liquid cleans and disinfects and then the olive oil conditions.

Firstly, I wet my brush
Note: Always hold your brush down when washing it so that water doesn't go into the barrel of the brush (less fallout that way)

Then I pour some dishwashing liquid and olive oil on a plate
(ummm alien face or what??)

And then I swirl the brush around to clean and you can see that the makeup comes off straight away

And then I rinse the brush under water.
You may have to repeat the cleaning process if there's still makeup on your brushes or if they're really dirty to start with.

Now I have squeaky clean brushes!!
I put them on a towel to dry and roll up the end of the towel so that the brushes sit slanted, that way the moisture doesn't go into the barrel of the brushes.
You can get brush guards but I find this is just as effective.

My brushes usually take overnight to dry.
 In the morning they're dry and clean as a whistle!! :o)

I hope this post was somewhat helpful for you guys.

As I said there are many ways that you can clean your brushes - I just really like adding the olive oil because my brushes feel so soft afterwards.

Let me know how you clean your makeup brushes too!!

If you have any questions, let me know, otherwise I hope you have a great day!!


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  1. I always use this method to clean my brushes and its the most effective as well as the cheapest :) thanks for sharing.

  2. How often do you wash your brushes and do you spot clean them after each use?