DIY: Cavier Manicure Nails

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I posted on my Facebook page the other day that I wanted to try out the new Cavier Nail Trend. The Ciate Cavier Pearls (as pictured below) aren't available in stores in Australia yet so I thought I would pick up some Micro Beads from my local craft store in the meantime. 

This is what you need to achieve the look:

1.  Your fav nail polish 
(I was still deciding between the mint or pink.... haha)
2.  Micro beads - which you can get in different colours
3.  Clear nail polish

Apply two coats of your fav nail polish
And let them totally dry before going on to next step

Once they've totally dried, apply one coat of the clear nail polish

And then dip your finger in the Micro Beads

This is what it looks after,
I gently pushed down on the Micro Beads so that they stuck properly
and applied another clear coat over the top

I finished dipping the rest of my nails
and this is the finished look

So.... The verdict.... I don't mind the look but I think I would just stick to one accent Cavier nail on each hand as it can look over powering on all nails.

They seem to last well, although, you get the odd bead popping off here and there :o)

And you can just remove them with normal nail polish remover.

What do you guys think of the trend and have you tried it out?

Let me know if you have any questions and hope you're having a lovely day!!

Be Inspired,

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